Beckway Investments LLC
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Real Estate Development
Although we are a relatively new company, Beckway Investments helps businesses by leveraging the maximum value buildings offer in terms of functionality, location, and cost. We have the expertise needed to develop a wide range of properties from downtown apartments to clubs and bars.

Over the past couple of years our focus has been on refurbishing and developing historic buildings in downtown Lubbock. However, we are always open to exciting ideas and welcome potential new investors and partners.

We currently have two properties under construction: a club located in the Depot District of Lubbock, Texas that opened in early 2008; and a house in the Rush district of Lubbock.

We also serve as the property managers of office spaces and apartments valued at more than $750,000 throughout West Texas. Our mission is to provide clients comprehensive management services that ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of facilities, so tenants can focus on achieving their business goals and driving profits.

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